Yesterday, It was all about how to have enough of you in your audiences’ mailbox.

Today, what we’ll discuss is more than a disservice…

It’s a CRIME.

And as your case will be presented in the court. The prosecution will charge you primarily on the basis of ‘not giving enough’…

That is, not giving enough reason to your audience to read.

Just writing on a concept and hitting publish isn’t enough.

You have to continuously entertain them.

Yes, entertainment.

the post-Netflix world ignores anything that is not ‘spicy’ enough.

For instance, people who ignore their textbooks are the same who give views, like, and comment on the video of a KOTA teacher teaching with personal stories, social commentary, etc.

This is what you’d want to do.

That is, open up.

Open up to your audience like they are the friends you hang out with daily.

And If you won’t.

Then don’t cry in tears if they watch Netflix rather than read you.

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