It’s ridiculous to even consider that each person sees the world in a completely different manner.

But the breaking news is: they do.

So much so, that if I could only know how you are interpreting whatever I’m writing…

Both of us would be surprised by what I intended and what you interpreted.

And that, in a way, explains zillions of misunderstandings that each one of us witnesses and experiences.

And as all life problems are business problems… this explains why you need to continuously thrash the rocks of misunderstanding to make way for things you actually mean.

And what’s better to do that than getting your points across to your audience daily.

Hence my obsession with the idea of doing things “daily.”

Everyone is stuck so deep in the BS of their own life that even thinking about relief is tough.

And thus I don’t expect everybody to read my emails daily–because they have their own life that doesn’t revolve around me.

Things they must do, willingly or unwillingly, to keep the soul of Sisyphus strong.

So it’s completely tolerable for even you if you miss my next venomous rant, unlearning experience, or an unasked opinion that are omnipresent in your inbox.

But what’s not tolerable is me not reminding you daily what else I got for you.

And this, my tiny innocent comrade, is my greatest disservice to you.

Thus my obsession with daily emails.

You may or may not be able to open and read them right now.

But, when you want to, there will always be one for you.

Even if it’s going to piss some people off—who only wake up from their death-sleep to report whatever I write as “spam” without ever opening or reading them.

But, it’s fine by me.

After all, I’m writing for those who read and not the other way around.

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