Past few weeks, I’ve been reading and researching about the pulp fiction genre.

And one writer in particular:

Erle Stanley Gardner.

He is credited with writing more than 120 novels in his career and selling hundreds of millions of them.

And the reason behind his success is his ability to simplify the story to its bare bones, with the ability to write thrilling dialogues.

Especially in his Perry Mason series.

If you read Erle Stanley Gardner, he rarely bores you with giving heavy descriptions and rather lets the characters build the atmosphere through sharp and revealing dialogues.

And these two are the main points that everybody should consider seriously if they want to be taken seriously as writers.

That said, I go into full details discussing these points in my 50 Shades of Content Creation book.

Though started out as a quick content generating guide, it now has more ready-to-implement writing tips in its pages than you can chew.

Check it out here:

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