Here’s what I think of cold showers (though, I’m not fully educated on the science behind it):

  1. It skyrockets your heartbeat and your body doesn’t like that.
  2. That’s why most people are scared of public speaking, talking to the person they are attracted to and jogging.
  3. One of the best ways to train and learn to control your reflexes.
  4. For example, I rarely find my body’s responses unpredictable.
  5. And, I have better control over my senses.
  6. Rather than indulging others in a senseless narrative, you say and realize things as they are. That is, being straightforward.
  7. You’ve short-circuited your mind and body, they must be fully awake and active by now.
  8. Just for the kicks that every morning you face a spine-chilling stream of water, while humanity is seeking comfort in false warmth.

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