According to a study…

The human brain can process images seen for as little as 1/100th (give or take) of a second.

This is the power of visuals.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should give up writing and buy a sony alpha and spam people with as many photos of your work as you can (in 8k)…

But to implement this in your writing.

There is a reason why the best writer takes their time to “imagine” a story well in their head first, going back and forth until they hit the spot they want readers to imagine.

Just think about one of the most famous novels of the last century:

Animal Farm by George Orwell.

That book is filled with so many masterclasses on engaging writing that one has to really close both of their beautiful eyes not to see them.

From portraying the pigs as greedy, imposing leaders to a naive horse as an average person who works hard without asking a question.

And once read you can’t unsee these pictures.

You will know a greedy, imposing pig in real life when you see one… just as you will see the average hardworking horse too.

So coming back to the question:

What to never say to your audience?

Well, anything that doesn’t help them clearly “see” what you’re saying.

Creativity means nothing until used for a genuine reason.

And, here, that reason for me is persuasion.

That’s it.

Enough for today.

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