Rosser Reeves, who coined the phrase Unique Selling Proposition (USP) said:

“Originality is the most dangerous word in the advertiser’s lexicon.”

Yup, being ‘original’ is a cute theory that is far from reality.

Just think about it… How many experimental movies do you watch in a year?

How many ‘original’ genres of music do you explore while our tiny earth is dancing around the sun?

Or, How many ‘original’ languages you conversed in last year?

If you answered any of the questions with “not much”, guess what?!

You are normal. Just like me, and many others who answered the same.

And, honestly, originality doesn’t matter as much if you can’t present it well enough (as long as you don’t want your copy to end up as a showpiece in an art museum.)

With that said,

The myth of originality is one of the many demons that hold back a ton of copywriters, while they weep and gnash their teeth over their lack of originality.

So, don’t forget to kick this demon in the teeth.

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