If I’m buying something and that has some kind of marking like, “Est. XXXX”, or “Since XXXX” years…

It only boosts my trust in the brand.

It rings in my head, “they are in business for so long, they must be good.”

Though that brand is going through its toughest run for some time. It doesn’t matter.

I gravitate towards old. Not to call me a Luddite, but I trust them more.

Maybe it’s because most of the things old are simple. (And I sure as hell love simplicity.)

Or, maybe, it’s because they work, and have a proven track record for it.

And, hence, the “since” tags show that the brand has passed the test of time.

And, this test is something only a handful of writers, artists, thinkers, and… teachers have passed since time being.

I really neither pay much attention nor importance to something or someone who hasn’t gone through the test of time.

Someone who has shown from time to time their mastery over their craft. Someone who has the experience of doing than blabbering about the theory.

And these are the people I talk about here.

Because only they are the only ones worth listening to.

Everybody else who moves their mouth more than their hand, simply aren’t. (including me)

That is the test of time:

Simple, “boring” things that work.

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