In December 2021, I bought a new keyboard.

And with that change, I went a bit further and decided to change my keyboard layout from QWERTY to Colemak, too.

(As I remembered at the time that something like this exist owing to reading Tools of Titans.)

And in the coming weeks, not only my speed went from 50 wpm to mere 8 wpm…

But my head just wanted to burst out of sheer pain of frustration.

(It was all back to square one.)

But I kept my head down and kept practicing.

At that time, I was writing next to nothing… because suddenly moving fingers was more painful than thinking of an argument.

Now fast-forward to 3 months and I don’t even realize I’m using a different layout let alone remembering all that frustration.

Now on to the point:

Time flows faster than we think.

Yes, no preaching about habits or discipline, but the definite flow of Time.

As you’re reading this, Time is flowing the way he wants and at the pace he wants.

He stops for nobody.

Doesn’t matter if two black holes collide, or our sun doesn’t rise.

He is the one with the greatest discipline and clarity of goal.

That’s why everybody bows down to him.

And, you would never want to be on his bad side.


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