People trust people they already know.

And people trust people with their money only if they know them inside out.

You see, humans are skeptical beings. And more often than not, it is out of sheer necessity rather than some shady intentions.

That’s why there is a concrete slab in organizations that prevent all “unqualified” people from even entering. The same is true for the customers too.

Just like you can’t one day decide in all your cheerfulness to enter the door of a place and be a part of the team.

Especially passionate people with a clear vision, whom all ambitious people want to work with, ask for credibility, ask for proof.

And that proof is your work.

Now coming down to the meaty part:

Your portfolio is the work that you think you can do for others.

That can be an imaginary product or about an imaginary product. Improvements on existing problems. Or, as simple as a case study.

It’s all about showing proof of your capabilities enough to get the job.

Nishant Raj

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