I’ve spent a big part of my self-education (which is the only education worth mentioning nowadays, anyway) reading the lives and works of heavy-hitting individuals.

These people come into an industry (mostly as an underdog), learn it inside-out, dedicate themselves to it, and end up changing it.

From people like Da Vinci, Napolean, Shakespeare, William Hearst (on whom Citizen Kane is based), Francis Coppola, Steve Jobs, and the likes.

Each one of them was a long-term player.

And that’s what tempts me to play for the long term, and not barely linger on the edges being a short-term hack.

You see, short-term hacks are those who take as much as they can from industry and never pay it back.

They spend their whole life scamming, plagiarising, and conning people into fame, money, and influence.

And they are the parasites that linger on the work of others without ever giving any credit or compensation.

You can spot them from kilometers away…

And try to avoid them at all costs possible.

Lastly, everybody has to go through this “hack” period as most heavy-hitters do, too.

But you’ll know the “hacks” worth avoiding when you’ll see one.

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