Something that “Game of Stories” subscriber Arnav Gogri ( discussed in his newsletter today (which I recommend joining):

That the newest delusion in the market is “one can get early morning runs done while being able to party at night.”

Something I completely agree with… and not because it sounds smart but because it is true.

As for talking of a personal experience:

Not so long ago, I was on a spree of smoking cigarettes for a month. Something that I didn’t enjoy very much at all.

In hindsight, the only reason that I continued to do so was to prove the point above, that I can smoke and still take long walks…

Which was utter stupidity… that I can add intoxicants in my bloodstream and still function well.

Adding my unsolicited POV to Arnav’s point:

Maybe, people who are going to party actually don’t want to be there. Maybe, they are only there to prove to others and, more importantly, to themselves that they can be obsessed about their physical wellbeing and yet ok with corroding it.


Because, maybe, it’s not their physique they care about… the driving force could be FOMO.

FOMO of not being ripped like others. FOMO of not having a “happening” Instagram grid like others.

Anyways, these are the kind of people that I keep myself away from… In my experience, FOMO can only keep you away from your goals.

And just because I wasn’t in a group full of FOMOs, I could stop smoking.

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