While Putin is at “war”, let’s see if there is anything worth realizing other than the misery of an average Ukrainian due to government.

This is again something why you never want to put yourself around people who are obsessed with power.

And this is also why you should keep your head down and practice daily so you don’t have to rely on others for your own or your family’s safety.

As today almost all luxuries are available all over the world… the competition isn’t about who will get it first but who will let the customers enjoy it without any hassle and while providing comfort.

And that’s why the powerful nations throughout history made other nations miserable to the point that the rich and influential people want to deal with them only.

That’s politics 101…

To cripple the potential opponent and take control of all the power.

America always sending its army not only to a different country but to different continents altogether is such an example.

And that’s why it’s important to take charge of your own world.

Not letting the greedy, evil people prey on you.

Because nobody will be there for you and your family other than your own self.

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