Rene Descartes was the person who showed everyone how to draw on a graph, correctly.

You may know his invention Cartesian system that was named after him. (Yup, all those x and y lines on graphs, and quadrants, etc)

But what is more interesting than this is his book in which he records how he near-emptied his mind of all ideas…

Then examined each one of them…

And only “put” back those he valued.

He went as far as comparing the “bad” ideas to rotten apples that rot all healthy apples around them in a basket.

These are the heights people go to clear their minds of all the unnecessary BS.

By now you might have noticed the emphasis I pay to throw these “bad” apples out of the beautiful basket that is your brain.

I don’t take pride in anything other than my ability to cut off habits, people, and perceptions that sneak in my subconscious, trying to damage the ideas that I have collected with sheer hard work and are near and dear to my heart.

And it is something universal—no matter what you do, who you are—you’ll always find yourself surrounded by these ideas.

And I take great pleasure in telling and continuously reminding you to not let these “rotten apples” sneakily roll into your mind.

On that note…

Be skeptical, have your guard up.

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