I’m far from being good at sports.

I just get away with decent hand-eye coordination and the fact that I’m taking evening/ morning walks daily (give or take) for the last 6 years.

And the obvious reason behind my lagging behind is I never practiced.

While cricket being the most popular sport in India, it is also the one I avoid at all costs.

(It bores me to death more than “doing what you say” bores a virtue signaller).

And also not enough infrastructure for other sports, I thus justify my obsession with video games.

Anyways, It was a good thing that I kept myself away from sports.

Looking back, my spine trembles in fear, while my nose wrinkles in disgust that I had to go through the lessons of “teamwork” and having to maintain a “competitive spirit.”

Both of which make as much sense to me as the hype around the recent elections. (It’s not gonna change much.)

Really, “teamwork” is the worst advice you can receive today.

As teams are formed not out of merit but ideologies.

And while there is a “war” against all the judgemental people… The half-dead social justice zombies will let you know if you even suggested something subconsciously that they don’t agree with. (and make you pay for it)

And where pointing out others’ mistakes that will reflect and affect your own work is labeled as “toxicity” and anybody interested in improving their craft is treated like the lepers of middle-aged Europe—far away from the society.

On that same note, “competitive spirit” is as useless a term.

As I see it, having a “competitive spirit” is like a self-destruct button if you start competing without even realizing if it is the game you don’t want to play in the long?

For example, one of my mates from school flexes how he chucks 5 Budweiser in a row.

A competition that I simply don’t care about. And something I’d never participate in, especially because it’s peer-imposed.

Thus my growing contempt for sports. I look at it more like the long-forgotten friend who calls you just for the “no work and earning lacs” schemes that end up being an invitation to a network marketing event.

You better not fall for it just for the glamour and “community,” if there is nothing for long-term for you.

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