We are undoubtedly living in the most surreal of times because of the internet.

With so much information on hand, it’s hard to not find even the most obscure of the topics online.

But as with any good thing, the internet comes with its own shortcomings.

From trollers to scammers to – the worst – the “experts”:

I know some friends who are irked seeing so much dumb information getting millions of impressions that for sure would help nobody in the long term. And the worst part, because of the views it will be copied zillions times by get-rich-fast crooks.

For example, YouTubers straight out plagiarising a famous blog in their videos and then keep on re-uploading it with different titles and thumbnails like broken records.

And then the low-life copy-cats do the same until the original blog loses its essence and nobody gives a flying funk no more about the original content.

This is the vicious cycle that I want to avoid… thus my contempt for social media.

I’m not sure how bombarding my senses with random info can help me?

It never did.

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