During the 1700s there was a time when “science” was considered cringe. It was odd and the people indulged in it were far odder.

Just picture a person who can calculate the speed of another planet (millions of miles far) with a pen, paper, and telescope.

Science is odd. It was. And It will be.

And it should be because it deals with innovation, with things new.

The whole field is based on scrutinizing all the existing knowledge and proving it wrong to find more knowledge to scrutinize.

And today, in the time and age of testing, experimenting, data, etc—Science is on steroids.

Everybody bows down to science.

Being evolved from odd experiments and theories to the most practical and lucrative field… it was once cringe.

Just like anything that is in its starting phase.

It can be your singing, drawing, writing, selling, or anything else.

Anything that people may very well joke about or plainly ignore.

But if you keep on doing it, it will become one day (hopefully wouldn’t take three centuries) something that of utmost value.

Something people lure after.

That’s the beauty of time, practice, and patience… and obsession.

The reason why you can read, or even got this email, was once cringe as hell.

So make sure you pump in whatever you do enough practice…

And let Time do its work.

Nishant Raj

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