I guess a day rarely passes by when a new “trend” doesn’t cross my feed (whatever app I’m using).

One of the most popular trends last year was the “sigma grindset,” and surprisingly the only one that is still going on in full blow.

Started as a parody (as I see it) of the “alpha male” concept which was the go-to clickbait of all personal development niche.

But as with most things in life, people might have realized that all “alpha male” videos, blogs, tutorials, and courses were full of false promises and fascinations.

(And these things backfire hard, both socially and mentally.)

(Personally seen people who would give up both of their arms and eyes to become the mythological “alpha male”)

Anyways, this was the craze.

And this is how creators and TechGiants made more money (counting from the views) than even the “alphas” could count.

But now people are back for their revenge—parodying anything and everything that remotely resembles the mythologized “alpha” traits.

And instead promoting the “sigma grindset.”

But as I look at it, this doesn’t change shyt.

Creators only have to find & replace “alpha” to “sigma,” and all the content will still work. As it is still all about:

  1. Keeping a calm head
  2. Taking control
  3. Etc, etc…

Because, more often than anybody would accept, when you start mocking something you end up becoming that very thing.

Because it’s not the story that changes…

It’s the telling that keeps the illusion up.

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