Politics gave Indians something that lacked in its domestic cinema for a long time.

That is, entertainment.

The past decade was nothing more than the flex as what can happen if you give enough dough to people to toast.

From the stupidest campaigns to jaw-dropping results.

And the main element in all of it was entertainment.

Entertainment in the form of violence in streets, roasting opponents along with their whole community, scams, and the list goes on and on and on.

And the aftermath of all this is quite clear:

People are as radical as a rule-thrusting venom-spitting SJW.

They have opinions on everything. And the meaty part is:

Those opinions rate things as either great or evil… nothing in between.

This is how entertainment is born… utterly pleasurable to one, despicable to the rest.

This is how they turn an “audience” into raving fans or raging haters. They leave nothing in between.

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