Lying on bed, it’s easy to lose the track of time.

It’s been 3 hours since I’ve replaying the movie of past. The audience is tired but only watching because nothing else play in those closed eyes.

It may look like I’ve nothing to lose and all of this harmless. But this is far from the truth.

First, I’m burning calories like crazy. All of this can be avoided. All of this isn’t needed. Yet still it happens.

The past is canabilising the present.

The present is held captive for the past to live on. See how overwhelming past’s desire to continue to live are. The self-indulgence and -obsession passt has with itself.

You may end up wasting the precious moments of your life stuck in the egoistic past. But how to cut the ties?

How to come out of it?

There is much to acknowledge and even more to do.

But hwo can one control their thoughts? How can one try to emphasise the best parts about best ideas.

The schools are on the losing tracks. Schools were – modern schools – were made to teach students the hard knowledge. But it’s not the hard that is in scarcity. YOu can open up the internet and be abundant with tutorials, how to and guides.

But what it lacks is providing a moral framework and an outline to what life is. We as a society are boderlining on performing the double-labour of trying to find out what life is from scratch whereas what we must do instead is to build upon the work that has already been done on the subject.

Not only it is optimum but will provide us with better markers to our own thinking and of that of the society.

But that said, overthinking is just masturbation without ejaculation. First, you’re burning a lot of calories or energy, imagining passt events. Then, you’re playing it over and over with different angles and perspective. ANd before you know it, you’ve spent more than 3 hours lying in your bed – wetting it with your imaginary orgasms. trying to make something meaningful out of the past.

But you can’t make somethign meaningful out of the past. Now don’t take me wrong. I’m not scolding you to be productive – to rather work on your homework or yada yada.

I don’t think the hard earned moments of life are meant to be wasted on low-life works like homework.

What these moments are meant to be are to understand life itself.

I’m done with falling in and out with girls that I have hurt and have been hurt by. While I’m also done with loving and being loved by. I’m done with watching movies that remind of life that inspires me to be nothing. I’m also done with listening to music obsessively. I don’t find that much interest in them.

I don’t find much interest because it is the smae cycle running again and again. I don’t feel much different from the amenesic protagonist of Momento. I want to get out of these cycles.

Neither I want to run towards money. Nor I find any meaning in associating with people with the sole purpose of earning money.

I’ve experiienced enough as much as there was to experience and it is only starting all over again.

But should I just sit still and do nothing?

No I should rather work on my instinctive traits. That is to tell others what I’m feeling.

But that said I’ve to be passive in the present also. Otherwise, I will only end up creating another past that will catch up with me in the follwiing future.

Be passive.

Observe but don’t indulge.

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