Let’s talk about people you don’t want in your group and why you wouldn’t want them in:

If they aren’t totally in–they will only cause headaches later and you don’t want that

Emotions are contagious and a tiny group of “fuck yeah, lets do it!” is way powerful than a large group that is half divided in “yes” and “no”

That’s the reason Steve Jobs did everything in his power to keep the culture inside Apple that of a young startup.

Now onto the point:

How would you do it?

So there is always this proverbial line that people don’t cross.

You must cross it.

You must introduce your views, values, and principles into the conversation.

And believe me, the second you’d do it, you would trigger and ultimately sweep off snowflakes that can’t digest the fact that you too have independent thoughts that they don’t agree with.

And never apologise for what you believe.

And this will filter your die-hard fans from the cold ones, giving you more clarity about your audience.

That said, check out the 50 Shades of Content Creation here:


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