There is a breed of people who reason their use of Omegle as improving their social skills.

I don’t exactly understand what they’re trying to accomplish here.

For one thing, people there are there with different goals.

No matter what’s the case, whether to polish a new language, or interact with new people, or other important sounding excuse.

You’re just wasting your time.

If you’re really serious about learning any of the above, then they must be practised in a stable environment (and not where you can be skipped or interfered with).

And honestly, video calls can’t ever replace the dynamics of meeting somebody in person.

While you can take your real life skills to Omegle, you shouldn’t take your video call “social hacks” in real life.

It will only complicate an already simplified act.

Just like so much content advice thrown around the internet that amounts even less than the BS you can watch on news channels.

The simple alternative or the only alternative is to just write daily.

Check out 50 Shades of Content Creation for more:

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