Since the colleges are open and your not-so-humble daily email host has to up and down from home to college…

I’m becoming more and more certain that I don’t want to live a life like this.

Now, before you think I’m about to start playing my broken record of 9-5 job rants. Here’s my case:

  1. The day ends faster than I realize.
  2. All my energy is sucked out by the blackhole of autos, buses, and metros.
  3. Not reading enough.
  4. Not writing enough.
  5. None earnings.
  6. Have to tolerate the mindless socio-politics of the class—groups and other BS (though it certainly makes for some good drama)
  7. Everybody’s interested in finding their next romantic adventure like their “love” hormones will expire by this Sunday.
  8. Just not my thing.

And these are the exact reasons why I chose writing as my partner in survival. So, I can do my work in peace, with no needless traveling; Have little to no contact with people I don’t want to deal with. (more on this later)

On that note, my unsolicited advice for you:

Chose a career that trims BS from your life and not adds.

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