The simple reason behind my turning off the social media valve and keeping it from bombarding me with random ideas was to have had less to think about.

And also to avoid the second-hand knowledge that people say just to go viral and by no means follow or believe in.

To put it simply, you know when someone is lying.

And lying not in the false-facts sense. But are they really saying what they think or just repeating what someone else said. Though, it’s the nature of popular content to be mentioned everywhere… I try not to until I really understand or follow it.

Doing this only puts your mind to sleep, depriving you of any personal thinking, and instead you start living and dying by quoting random quotes.

This is the lazy pleasure that I deprive myself of. I don’t want to end up lookup Youtube and Google for every problem I have.

More often than not the answer is in front of you.

More often than not the answer is you.

Anyways, that’s what I found reading about people that had definite conviction.

Those who didn’t roam confused in a maze full of ideas but meditated still with the important ones.

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