After yesterday’s email, I got the reply for collaboration.

And the question my potential co-writer asked me was how this book on mindset will be different from the ones already in the market?

Particularly that of the leaders of this particular market viz. “Ryan Holiday or a Jordan Peterson or a Taleb.”

Being a great question, I decided to answer it in the daily mail.

Here’s the meat:

I’m in no way competing with these authors or their books’ content. This isn’t the fight I want to pick.

All of them serve to a humongous readership made up of people from various professions, walks of life, and goals.

Whereas I’m only going to serve those who want to build a publishing business, something that I’m interested in and know about.

Second, the fact that I don’t self-help myself and prefer lessons from real life incidents that I know with context makes my content way more authentic than the ones who only recycles what they read in some blogs and books.

I won’t be bombarding the book with other authors’ “quotes” but rather focus on relevant stories and examples that the readers can extract the lessons themselves.

That’s what my plan with the book is.

And this is also one of the many writing lessons that I discussed in detail in 50 Shades Of Content Creation.

Check it out here:

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