The great Hussain Zaidi, that I respect for bringing out the mafia stories from deep within the belly of Bombay.

But starting out, aparting from the mortal dangers of working as a crime reporter. He wasn’t as confident owing to his lack of formal journalistic background and “pathetic english.”

So he looked for other ways to stay in the game.

He realised most of his colleagues didn’t write consistently.

They did the bare minimum of translating and paraphrasing official press releases as news articles (that were boring to read).

Realising this, Hussain Zaidi started publishing one crime article everyday that people would want to read.

He later recalled the advantages of this consistency:

He became famous throughout the crime circuit owing to his name mentioned in newspapers everyday.

He became an expert having written articles with every possible perception. Eventually, creating his own genre and becoming its master.

To cut is short:

This made him stand out like a huge whale in a sea of unmotivated, tiny reporters.

On that note, this is the same system that I teach in detail in my 50 Shades of Content Creation. Check it out here:

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