Among Breaking Bad’s many brilliant episodes… one is quite important for people building funnels.

When Walter White, the up-and-coming drug kingpin, asks Jesse, his partner in crime, about the low revenue from selling meth…

Jesse excuses him with the concept of “breakage” as the cost of doing business.

Something that is beyond your control.

That could be the potential customers that you marinated with paid marketing but couldn’t convert and instead he end up buying from someone else.

Though, there is nothing new about this. As in a free market, businesses lose some of their customers to competitors all the time.

That’s what keeps the ecosystem going.


You don’t want to end up with a business that loses more customers faster than other businesses.

Because that’s not “breakage”…

That’s an “unsustainable business model,” as Walter White puts it.

Anyways, this one’s among thousand other smart things that the show is filled with.

Smart things that businesses can learn from at the tiny price of a Netflix subscription.

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