Whenever I feel the urge to write but don’t have anything specific in mind, I just open up a typing lesson and pound my fingers on the keyboard until I feel done.

Besides the obvious typing practice, this doesn’t let me waste my hard-earned and reserved energy on things that are neither that urgent nor important…

Like “researching.”

If I have to research for an article, it is rarely finished (considering my short attention span) and ends up wasting my day reading random things.

And I try to lower my impulse reading to a minimum because throughout the last decade reading has become not only a habit but a part of my personality.

(Just like food, I need alphabets to pass through my retina to function properly.)

So that’s why it’s important to channel that energy into something that is more challenging, i.e., writing or something similar.

And while typing fast may sound unimportant, just remember the pieces and messages that you write in a snap are almost always better than the ones that took a long time.

Nishant Raj

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