Human minds are evolved to be excellent problem-solvers…
Using them in repetitive and monotonous tasks leads to lower quality output.
Nowadays, it’s common to see people complaining about work fatigue, resulting from uninterest in work, which hampers their productivity.
The most common reason for this is the lack of challenging work.
To overcome this, JR Oppenheimer–“father of atomic bomb”–used to frequent social circles and actively took part in discussions and debates on topics outside of his professional life.
He befriended people from different fields– even a Sanskrit professor– and genuinely took interest in their works. This led him to publish an astounding amount of work since the very start of his career.
This explains the need for activities unrelated to your work that indirectly help you become better at what you do.
This also includes things from outside of your industry… expertise… or niche. A lot of which I cover in my new book 50 Shades Of Content Writing.
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