Nowadays, you throw a stone randomly and it is bound to fall on an influencer that sells a course.

And though courses haven’t been a huge part of my learning (never had enough money, so relied heavily on online interviews and biography)…

I consider the courses more as an instruction manual rather than the hunt itself.

Days don’t pass by when I don’t meet a friend or relative who tells me of a “course” that will automatically download all the expertise of the instructor into my brain.

I guess this is the reason why people pay for courses that they don’t open twice.

The best way I realized recently to learn from a course is to implement the lessons on the go.

Not taking notes.

Not highlighting “relevant” parts.

But, executing on the go.

Because like everything else in the world, it’s all about the timing.

You don’t want to lose all of the excitement and energy that you have at that time in vain…

When it can be used in adding ammunition to your arsenal.

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