Mumbai has been the cash capital of India.

Every big player from finance to entertainment to journalism to manufacturing to exporting and so on, held their feet first.

And this is why it has attracted the hustlers not just from all over India but the world.

And with that formed the mafia.

I’ve been reading Hussain Zaidi’s encyclopedic book on Mumbai mafia whose focus is on Dawood Ibrahim. It’s so well written that before I knew it I was some 13 chapters into it.

Anyways, the meat:

The core quality that is looked in a “bhai” isn’t power, money, and other obvious things. But it’s his ability to make a name for himself.

Once your name was out, gangs sent invites to take you in.

Because the mafia realise this simple principle:

Any gangster’s influence depends on the power their name wields.

Once people sensed that that name doesn’t hold that much power, let alone the rival gang but somebody from the inside wasted no minute to take over the throne.

These are the stakes that Hussain Zaidi covers in his book.

Reading it you not only learn the crude dynamics of power, business, and influence but also how to tell so many stories without boring the reader.

To read check out the book “Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia” here:

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