Let’s talk about the experts today…

Who are at the top of their games, who know their industry as much as any other person in the world, or maybe more.

And we are going to compare them to those at the beginning of their career ladder, making their entrance into the industry only some time back, and the stupid assumption they make:

“I will be an expert by next week.”

Today, the world we live in is removed from reality.

Most of the people I think I know are actually just a bunch of pixels turning their hue faster than my eyes can blink.

Most of us will never get to see what they actually feel like in person, how their behavior stands, or witness the shadow of their nose while not in perfect lighting.

We’re never going to know that.

Also, it doesn’t make any sense to meet them all. Because what I’m actually interested in is the piece of wisdom I can pick from their work.

That’s it.

And the reason is simple: I don’t know them.

I don’t know them in person despite their attempt to use a more favorable camera lens, more natural recording environment, or on-point sound quality.

It’s just not real.

And that’s the limitation of this fascinating thing called internet.

Eventually, I’ll only see things that other people want me to see–All the glamorous and charming stuff…

Leaving out the rest—that is not that appealing, or sellable.

And that’s completely the opposite of real life which is rarely filled with glamour.

Because by the time you make your journey to the shining object, you’ve outgrown yourself and now that thing isn’t as exciting as it used to be.

By now it’s too obvious for you.

The same is with the experts.

All that shining expertise, the glamorous advices are obvious, common sense to them.

Because again, it’s not the shiny object that counts, it’s the journey that qualifies you for that object.

So again at the risk of repeating myself:

Those starting by the ladder can’t be an expert by next Sunday.

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