So I’ve been rewatching Silicon Valley, which is an on-point satire on the tech and startup capital of the world.

And if you watch the 1st season especially, the show mocks the living revenue out of virtue signaling businesses that somehow have “making the world a better place” in their mission statement.

To spare you the time:

It points out a lot of BS.

And it’s the same BS that goes viral on social media.

(Because, nowadays, it feels like deep down everybody wants to be the “cool” celebrity who tells the world how empathetic he is to the world)

It feels like, nowadays, people aren’t living for the good old survival but telling everybody how good they are by “making the world a better place.”

While I’m not sure how many “awwwwssss” it gets them on their Instagram story. I’m pretty sure these aren’t the things that sell.

If you’re claiming the merit to have another person’s money—make sure it isn’t out of sympathy or the “greatness” of your character.

But it must be the game that you bring to the table.

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