Before starting, I’m neither.

But I tried to channel both of their mindsets while earning $40 reading and writing.

Three years ago—when I decided to be a better writer—I barely knew the usage of “may” and “might”.

I had none pen-pals, a writing group, or even a reading group.

I wasn’t fluent in English. The only thing I had was enough bookish and experiential knowledge to understand the context of some great movies.

That’s it.

So what did I do next?

I started reading everything and anything I could lay my hands on like a philosopher who would raid the archives and libraries to get as many resources to study as possible.

Then, I started replicating them piece by piece like an engineer would.

And it took me 2 years only to gain enough confidence to even consider myself a writer.

To gain enough confidence to sit down and churn out short essays in one sitting.

It was only in the last year that I refined my grammar and composition and all the sophistication that I’ll be working on throughout my life.

I’m glad I spent my first 2 years looking for the subject I was truly interested in.

The philosophies that I would be engineering for eternity.

Anyways, I’m not qualified to teach anyone anything but what I, myself, have experience in.

And that is, having a philosopher’s concrete conviction and an engineer’s obsession to tinker with all things interesting.

I hope this would be a fertile place for both.

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